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We help local businesses and entrepreneurs find new customers by creating and leveraging short promotional videos to showcase your business, product or service. This is an extremely affordable way to get your business in front of potential new customers and increase revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we produce promotional videos?

There are a number of reasons.  First, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is literally worth a thousand pictures.  This is especially true for “how to” and testimonial videos.

We post SEO optimized videos on YouTube.  Google owns YouTube and wants as many eyes on videos as possible because they sell advertising on selected videos.  More visitors to YouTube means higher visibility for videos that contain advertising.Therefore, your video will help drive your SEO rank and, as result, visitors to your website.

How many and what type promotional videos are appropriate?

The answer to this question depends on the type of video.  That being said, the more the better.  A business that elects to produce “how to” videos for products they sell, could have many videos.  Testimonial videos might not be so numerous.  In all cases, it is important to keep the video short – 2-3 minutes max with time distributed as follows:

25% – Describe the problem or challenge.
50% – Describe the solution.
25% – Describe the end result and benefit.

What video production services does West Chester Productions provide?

We provide full service short promotional video production as follows:

  • Pre-Production – Planning which includes video type determination, story boarding, script development, and logistics (e.g location, lighting and sound requirements).
  • Shoot – We provide a videographer who will conduct the shoot in accordance with the plan.  Segments may need to be shot several times in order to achieve the desired result.
  • Post-Production – This is where the final video is assembled.  Once the final video is approved, we will upload it to YouTube, implement SEO optimizations, and integrate links to the video in your website, social media or emails.
How will my promotional video be published?

We publish videos on YouTube and take steps to optimize search ranking. A description of these steps is located here.

We then create links to videos on your website and social media such as Facebook.

What does a promotional video cost?

We charge $700 for a full day shoot and $450 for a half day shoot. Post-Production video editing is $250 per video, which includes up to 3 revisions. Pricing includes Pre-Production planning.

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