There is a reason email marketing is so widely used. Why? Because it works.

Email marketing is the oldest and most established form of digital marketing and is a cost efficient way to generate new leads as and retain current customers.

Email allows you to interact directly with your customers and build lasting relationships.

Finding and Keeping Customers

It is important to both maintain connections with existing clients and bring in new customers who need your service. The objective of any contracting business is to have a steady stream of jobs, without seasonal dips or low months.

Email marketing is a great way to let both potential and existing clients know what you’ve been working on, provide them with any specials you may be offering, and help you establish yourself as an expert in the industry. A well-executed email marketing plan can help you reach new leads while giving you total control over who your message goes to. Unlike social media, which doesn’t always show all of your posts to all of your followers, you know that your emails are going to everyone on your list.  Which brings us to the subject of email lists.

Your Most Valuable Marketing Asset – Your Email List

So you managed to get a prospect’s email? The job is good as yours, if not this month, then a few months down the road. You have direct access to email them offers, coupons, specials, or reach out for a review you can put on your website to boost your credibility.

For example, someone who is looking for a new roof generally isn’t ready to make a decision right away. With email, you have the ability to reach out to people who haven’t worked with you yet.  Maybe you repaired a small roof leak for them in the past and now they need a new roof.  You also have the opportunity to build value by answering questions and building relationships on previous small jobs.  Even better, it costs very little to send an email.

How We Do It


Build your list

We help you build your email list by making is easy for visitors to sign up to your list, usually by explaining the value of subscribing or offering a freebie.

Scheduled Emails

Bi-weekly emails and monthly campaigns let you communicate with your customers and help you to stay top of their minds.


Create Attention

We create strategic campaigns for your customers with freebies, coupons, special offers and important company news.

Feature Rich,Custom MailChimp Templates



We have the tools and know how to assist your company in getting the most out of MailChimp and your marketing efforts

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